Professional prepress and image enhancement

Reproduction on paper is still not perfect. No matter how good photographic equipment became, the complex transformation from images-made-of-light to images-made-of-inks can be challenging. The reason? Cameras are inherently objective instruments, creating stationary images from one point of view, in an exact moment in time – problem is, we don’t see and process the world like this. Color management and ordinary image processing pipelines don’t calculate with the physiology and psychology of the human vision. Things get really complicated when different skintones, food or white/grey surfaces appear under mixed light sources or extreme lighting conditions. Rapid development of sensors and processing algorithms might help a bit, but we still see a lot of bad images in print.

You don’t have to compromise with poor quality reproduction. Professional prepress and image enhancement is a solution which is available to you, here and now. Take a look at some examples and call us, if you want your images treated as they deserve. We’re sure you’ll be thrilled with the results.