About our company

Capital strength

Interpress always pays its suppliers punctually, we purchase the paper ourselves for printing jobs, we constantly renew and update our IT.
When you work with us you provide a risk-free service to a knowledgeable customer.

For more details, contact us: +36 1 250 82 63

Safety and good practices

Interpress believes in long-term, trust-based partnerships. For our suppliers this means fair business practices and prompt payment. Our own paper procurement minimizes your financing needs and risks.

Quality above all

‘Interpress quality’ is a byword in the industry. We require all our suppliers to comply with ISO 12647. You can become a regular supplier after a minimum one year trial period. To maintain high standards, we do in-person checks on production.

Professional co-operation

We sell the services of our suppliers as experts in the international market. You can talk to us as a fellow professional, avoiding misunderstandings that can happen between customers and printers. Printers can reach international markets through us eliminating (OR reducing) the risks of fraud or non payment which can be associated with starting in a new market.

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