Why should you choose us?

We help you to achieve your objectives from the smallest printing job to the production of complex, high-value products.

How? – The expertise of our printing engineers ensures quality. – We take our responsibility to our customers and suppliers equally seriously. – 30 years of experience helps us to foresee and solve problems. – We have long standing relations with many suppliers so we can find a competitive solution for every project. Whether it’s about business cards or millions of textbooks, contact us with confidence.
Our crucial advantage: As an intermediary we can achieve better prices and terms because we are a large, regular customer. We procure the raw materials and additional services, so our service is brilliant value. Thus, we can ensure that you pay a lower price in most cases than if you went directly to a printing house – whilst you enjoy all the benefits of the Interpress experience.

We help you with everything – you just have to take the 1st STEP.
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We will send you the best quotation on the market. The procedures after quotation: Submitting of digital PDFs > checking > conciliation > printing > checking > binding > checking > delivery > payment