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High quality – at competitive price

High quality

Complete service

Competitive price

What can Interpress offer?

We provide high quality printing implementations from planning advice to door-to-door delivery.
Problem free, with professional extra services, at competitive price.

If you are a representative of a newspaper or book publisher
If you are a representative of an advertising agency
If you work for a company that needs a book, a magazine, a commercial leaflet,
a product catalogue, a flyer,
a manual, an installation guide,
printed packing material or any other printing material,

you have come to the right place!


30 years
Professional expertise

Print management since 1991. INTERPRESS has been providing Hungarian printing services to foreign and Hungarian customers for more than 30 years.


We are not a printer with a limited range of machinery, instead we offer you the best technology from a range of reliable printers. From our many years of experience in the printing industry, we know the profession thoroughly.


We have a cost-effective solution for every job. We use our comprehensive knowledge to meet your needs.

International recognition

We have hundreds of satisfied customers and have contributed to the success of their companies. We have fulfilled orders from more than 20 countries, from America via almost all the countries in Europe to Russia.

You surely know as well how much time it takes to …

– find the appropriate printing contractor…

– get a reply to your questions…

– choose the optimal materials and technology…

– check everything thoroughly during manufacturing…

What can we provide?

We know exactly which printing house will provide you with the Best Solution available on the market, tailored exactly to your needs, at the BEST PRICE.


Complete prepress (graphic design, type, layout, PDF writing).

If required, we can also help you to process the images for your publication. Our own continuously calibrated proof printer ensures that the colours of the final printed product will exactly match your expectations.

Complete printing implementation

We have a cost-effective solution for every printing task.

In addition to classic offset printing solutions, we also use the latest digital techniques.

Special procedures

Embossing, stamping, edge painting, edge engraving and printing, debossing, cold-foil, special varnishing treatments, etc...

We can provide you with the full range of technological possibilities so that you receive a perfect printed product.

in 3 steps

Request a quotation

Click the "Quotation" button and ask for our quote.


After finalizing the details, we will send you our quotation for the best option available on the market.

Placing your order

After confirming your order, we will give you a production schedule and the printing process of your product will begin.


Our colleague will contact you within 24 hours.
Our guarantee is that 98% of our customers return to us for further jobs satisfied that they found the best way to handle their printing needs.

Any questions?

Please feel free to write to us and we will reply within 24 hours.

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Our Works


Softcover books; brochures; booklets; wire o-bound publications; pads


Hardcover books


Hardcover books


Cold and hot foils, UV and hybrid varnish, metalized foil, iriodin varnish