Introduction of binding technologies beyond the usual ones.

Beyond the most commonly used thread sewing or perfect binding the items can be bound by many different ways. We would like to present you some examples as follows:

1. Open spine, thread sewing, paperback books

The same binding with a special jacket, die cut from card board.

2. Thread sewn Swiss brochure (with overlapped cover)

The same binding but with holes on the cover and throughout the book block

The same binding but with rounded corners with coloured threads

3. Hard cover book, open spine with overlapped cover.

4. Hard cover book, thread sewn open spine

The same binding with blind debossed grey board cover (without coverage)

5. Hard cover book with guest spine, black coloured board (without coverage)

6. Paperback book with guest spine, perfect binding (unprinted dummy on the photo)

7. Otabind–like binding, thread sewing, soft cover with flaps can be closed like a folder

8. Glued block with overlapped cover, grey board back and belly band

9. Paperback with concealed wire-o

10. Hard cover with concealed wire-o

11. Hard cover with wire-o fixed into the spine board