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Guideline for writing PDF


A helpful guideline with screenshots, how to create and save standard print-ready PDF files using different softwares and settings.

During our daily work, we often have the experience that preparation of press optimized PDF files  raises several questions. This downloadable digital file is prepared to answer the frequent asked questions. We collected these information from professionals who are using the most popular graphics softwares. We hope, this material illustrated by screenshots gives enough support for preparation of correct files. Of course, we were not able to answer all possible questions in this file, if you can not find a solution to any of your pre-press problem, please ask your contact person at Interpress.

 Our guide can be downloaded from the following link: Guidline for writing PDF *

 * - Reproduction, publication, or sale partly or in whole to a third party without permission of Interpress Ltd. is a violation of copyright.


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