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International acknowledgement

Hundreds of satisfied clients from more than 20 countries – from manufacturing level implementation to mass production in high number of copies, from market leader publishing houses to the smallest creative workshops.

You imagine it – we implement it

For Interpress supply ranging “from business cards to giant posters” is not a marketing trick. Whatever a customer can imagine, we can provide a solution for it. Also, we can demonstrate things that previously they perhaps did not consider possible.


Here is a short selection of acknowledgements showing that for hundreds of clients it was an excellent decision to choose Interpress.


Emil Blichfeldt, EBmiljø, Calibat (30.01.2015)

"Thank you very much Zsuzsa - your service level is far above expectations :)
Venlig hilsen!"



Stellan Adolfsson, Beta Pedagog, (07.01.2015)

"Dear Katalin,
I was very pleased with everything you sent me. It was super!
Hopefully we are going to sell a lot of them this year.
Best wishes, Stellan"




Torben Hansen, Forlaget Forlaens, (16.12.2014)

"The books look great, arrived on time even if we delivered the material a little late, and everyone is very satisfied with the result.
Thank you Zsuzsa!"


Björn Schagerström, Syster Förlag, (25.11.2014)

"Dear Sándor,
We have received the books. The packing list is included in this e-mail.
Thank you for such a fast delivery. We are very pleased with the printed books.
Best regards, Björn Schagerström"




Vagn Plenge, Forlaget Hjulet, (30.06.2014)

"Dear Györgyi,
I received my copies of the books today. I am very satisfied with the quality again again...
Best regards, Vagn"




Tommi Musturi, Huuda-Huuda (13.03.2013)

"So, good job! Thanks for the patience and staying in schedule - I really appreciate it.


Örjan Gerhardsson, Bakhåll (01.02.2013)

"Dear Katalin,
Thank you for the advance copies of "Ubik", "Lenins revben", "Den gamle" and "Trial printing". They are all very very fine, we are so happy.
Thank you for your kind troubles making everything so fine, as you always do.
Kind regards / Örjan"


Thomas Schrøder, Forlaget Afart (28.01.2013)

"Dear Zsuzsa
I have just recieved the advance copies of the Kristine books. And they look great! :-)
Best wishes,


Susanne Verbel, Forlaget Alma (12.11.2012)

"Dear Györgyi,
I have to tell you that all three artists are VERY happy for the printing of the book. They use words like WONDERFUL, EXTREMELY FINE and so on. The same do I. So once again: Thank you so very much for your work.
All best wishes,

Karen Kristensen, Forlaget Arvids (03.11.2012)

"Dear Györgyi,
I received the books yesterday, which was extremely fast.
They look beautiful.
Thank you very much!
Best wishes,

Dan Fröberg, Kning Disk (17.08.2012)

"Dear Zsuzsa!
I am now at home again, and have just carefully studied, together with my collaborator Alexandra, all the 24 images that awaited us here, have done a great work!
They all look very nice and just as we hoped for.
So a huge thank you for your effort!
Soon all the images, by hand by us, will carefully be put in the waiting boxes and the new adventures begins.
Releases, concerts, performances and such.
So, wonderful;
and thanks again!

Monique Boerema, Gottmer (15.05.2012)

"Hi Zsuzsa,
The books are looking great! happy;-)
best wishes,
Monique Boerema"

Göran Boardy, Visual Artist (11.04.2012)

"Dear Zsuzsa
I recieved the book today. Thank you!
It looks great. Awesome! You have done a really nice job there.
Thank you once more!
Goran Boardy"

Erik Falk, Jippi Comics (10.04.2012)

The advance copies has now reached the designers, and they are all very happy with the books and the way they look.  
Thank you again for a great job on the books!
Best, Erik"

Sigbjørn Lilleeng, Tegneserier & Illustrasjon (10.04.2012)

"Dear Zsuzsa,
I just received the books. They look absolutely great! Thank you so much for your great work, patience, professional attitude and good service.
Kind regards,

Allan Haverholm, Forlaget Afart (29.03.2012)

"Hi Zsuzsa,
Everything sounds right, please go ahead with production! Thank you for a speedy handling of things, as always!
Allan Haverholm"

Peter Bonte, Uitgeverij Bonte (17.02.2012)

"Hello Zsuzsa,
I received everything in good order, books and packaging are perfect, thank you.
Peter Bonte"






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