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Leipzig Book Fair 2013


In the major city of the German publishing history, book fairs have been organized since 1632. On this year’s event our company was represented with its own stand.


At business meetings during the fair we were able to demonstrate with samples some of the new technologies, which became available for us in recent year, such as cold foil and surface effect varnishing.  Also the sticker books produced by us have turned out a great success.

In the year 2013 the trends of last years has continued, the number of exhibitors is slowly decreasing, however the number of visitors is increasing. Despite unprecedented amount of snow and cold 168 thousands of visitors were registered during the 4 days of the event. This number represents a serious flick for the digital world which is envisioning the end of the Gutenberg galaxy.  It was particularly gladness to see the large number of young people went to the pavilions and took part in diverse programs. Some arrived by private buses and  trains from far towns. The days of the weekend was conjured up to a real book festival by the whirl. For a participant loving books and committed to the profession of printers it was a very pleasant experience.  Regrettably, beyond Hungarian national pavilion, only Interpress has represented our country with its own stand. But we keep on and come again next year!