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Interpress at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013


Tradition and innovation: 65th Frankfurt Book Fair, 28th participation of Interpress, 1st customer’s party. Some numbers and what's behind them

Our company was represented also this year with own booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Our days at the fair were characterised with the usual number of negotiations, however there was something new as well: in order to create a new tradition, a booth party was organised for our costumers with typical Hungarian dishes. Our guests have enjoyed the Hungarian salami and cake (pogácsa), and the majority of those present could not resist to taste also the Hungarian brandy  - named pálinka - and the excellent Hungarian wines.

We were informed from the final briefing that media interest on the fair was higher than last year: approximately 20% more foreign journalists were registered for the fair, visited by 276 thousand peoples. Expressive numbers, but perhaps they do not reflect the essence. It was much more important for us to get the experience personally, that the flood of news about digital formats was not as dominant, as in the past years. The balance between the traditional books and „e” formats was restored. As some of our clients defined it: the value of printed books comes back to its worthy place. 

And in addition to the aboves, why we are present every year in Frankfurt? Because there is always something that can happen only there and only at that time. For example: a Russian and an Austrian partner of us were introduced to each other at our party. They began talking about publishing rights of an art book. In Germany, at a Hungarian stand, representatives of  Russian and Austrian publishers discussed in English about pictures of French and Mexican painters. Is there a more multicultural moment at all…?




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