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Cooperation with the Hungarian Interchurch Aid


In a conversation during one of our corporate trainings more colleagues expressed their willingness to try to help humans in need. This activity can strengthen the team spirit and also may raise significant charge on mental health of each participants. The ownership and management of the company unanimously supported the initiative and provided resources for this activity. Thus, the Interpress CSR Board was established during autumn of 2011. We got in touch with the Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) to find the most effective way of help and places, where the help is most needed. Based on advices and assistance of HIA, organizations and families to be supported were selected, and the first steps of contacting were made. Our cooperation with HIA contains single events (we gathered used clothes, donated stationery, helped with print productions), and also continuous elements (financing extra lessons, courses, and sports activities for children, organizing of common excursions), but the most beautiful moments are, when we have a look into the life of promoted families with more children.

If you are interested in our charity activities in more detail, or you would like to join us, please contact us: .



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